About Taqnia Cyber

Taqnia Cyber is a subsidiary of The Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company TAQNIA, a company fully owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

Taqnia Cyber specializes in information and communication security, industrial cyber security (OT), cyber and signal Intelligence, physical security and capability training and development.

The company seeks to localize technology and cyber security products and solution in Saudi Arabia, commercialize the output of R&D institutes within the kingdom, and steer R&D activities to fulfill the requirements of local and regional markets.

It offers its products and services to both public and private sectors. The company has an excellent working relationship with national and regional research & development institutes.


To drive accelerated diversification of the Kingdom’s economy through the development and localization of cyber technologies, thereby creating value added opportunities and aiding in the creation of an innovative ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.


Investing in local and international cyber technologies while engaging actively in the development and growth of those technologies to prosper into economically sustainable enterprise.


Taqnia Cyber has fully setup facilities with certified resources capable of providing best-in-class managed security services at competitive prices.

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Security Operations Center

Our managed Security Operations Center (SOC) provides a hybrid resourcing model of on-site and off-site professionals, combining 24x7x365 coverage with a SOC model that is customized around your core business needs.

Governance Risk and Compliance

We provide a wide range of governance risk and compliance (GRC) services including advisory, design and implementation services to meet the individual needs of each customer.

RAD Products

“Real-Time Advance Defence” Suite of Security Products

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RAD’s Next Generation Firewall (RAD NGFW) is built using the latest security modules and frameworks.



Operational technology firewall is a versatile firewall that protects Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks from cyber-attacks and facilitates real-time security operations.


RAD Authenticator

RAD authenticator ensure that digital users are who they are by adding a second layer of security on your accounts. This works by generating a one-time password on your mobile to use it with your normal password login.



RAD’s web application firewall filters and monitors HTTP/S traffic between the internet and web applications. It is built using the latest security modules with several high-end features.



The next-generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS) monitors the network to detect, block intruders and malware threats by looking for malicious activities, policy violation, and abnormal behavior within your network.


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