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For many years, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) had no security layers and no access to or from the internet, so they were not targeted by hackers. Today, as more industrial systems are brought online, they become more vulnerable and exposed to attacks. RAD OTFW controls and protects OT networks.

RAD OTFW is a versatile operational technology firewall that protects industrial control systems’ networks from cyber-attacks and facilitates real-time Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for both data/commands and content of packets flowing to and from OT networks. RAD OTFW protects your ICS environment by applying static protection rules (IEC104-) and dynamic security policies without affecting the latency of your communications.

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OTFW Screenshot
OTFW Screenshot
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Features and Benefits

OTFW is based on our ICSA certified NFGW with a special
focus on industrial operational technology security needs.

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