RAD Operational Technology firewall is a versatile firewall that protects Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks from cyber-attacks and facilitates real-time security operations.


Multi-layer Protection

Complete protection for industrial systems against malicious attacks through multiple layers:

• Parameter range-based restriction

• Application-based filtering

• Port-based filtering

• Host-based filtering

Robust Industrial Security Appliance

RAD OTFW can be integrated in your ICS environment as either a virtual or physical appliance

• The bypass feature automatically directs traffic in the case of an appliance failure to ensure high availability of the ICS operation.

• With 4 Gigabit Ethernet and 2 Gigabit SFP ports, it offers cost savings and flexibility.

• Fanless design with passive CPU heatsink.

• Approvals and compliances: RoHS, CE/FCC Class B, UL.


Use Cases


Identify vulnerabilities and quickly respond through dynamic industrial protocol policies.


Implement security controls specific to your ICS use case.


Monitor and discover threats in your ICS network.