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Using stolen credentials is the first tactic hackers use to breach your network resources. RAD Authenticator provides the security you need to protect your network against the risk of identity theft.

RAD Authenticator is a non-SMS based, multi-factor authentication solution that reduces the risk of fraud, phishing, and password related attacks. It achieves its security introducing multiple authentication factors including One Time Password (OTP) generation, user, location, and biometric data.

Features and Benefits

RAD Authenticator Consists of Two Parts

A Mobile App

Mobile App that Supports both IOS and Android, Provided to user’s to facilitates and secures their login process.

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An Authentication Engine

Gives the organization full administrative capability for the type and level of authentication to be applied to users. It’s easily integrated with the organization’s systems and services.

Compliance Achieved

RAD Authenticator will help you achieve compliance with the rules and regulations of

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