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About Taqnia Institute

Taqnia Institute offers high quality customized training programs and comprehensive awareness programs to develop advanced capabilities to fulfill special local and regional market needs.

A wide range of training programs and courses are offered for public and organization, which empowers them to implement and operate state-of-the-art systems. In addition, Taqnia institute provides customized corporate training programs based on your general and special training needs and requirements.

We have strategic partnerships with leading regional and international training centers.


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Capability Building Strategic

Taqnia Institute starts by developing capability-building strategies into practice. This provides a powerful approach to building specific kind of organizational capability that transforms human capital from reactive to a proactive asset providing high value. Taqnia Institute then identify and train talents within your organization in order to build targeted capability, develop skills, and define qualities that people need in order to sustain productivity.

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Human Capital Assessment

Taqnia Institute assists organizations by determining competencies using scientifically based approaches. Our techniques enable increasing self-awareness through a wide array of development strategies. We help you get a clear understanding of the values, strategy, and operating styles within the organization that ensure success and help your company obtain greater insight into the strengths and developmental needs of your people.

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Comprehensive Training Program

Taqnia Institute provides access to a huge catalog of training courses through the cooperation of local and international cyber security training centers and partners. The following are some of the courses we are offering through Taqnia Institute in the field of cyber security:

• Information Security Principles.
• Security Policies.
• Risk Assessment.
• Penetration Testing.
• Vulnerability Assessment.
• Ethical Hacking.
• Security Administration.
• Network Intrusion Detection.
• Incident Handling.
• Network Forensics.
• Social Engineering.
• Cyber Counterintelligence.

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