RAD’s Next Generation Firewall (RAD NGFW) is built using the latest security modules and frameworks. It is developed in cooperation with the National Center for Cyber Security Technology (C4C). This advanced firewall has several high-end features such as, an application classifier and filter, High speed packet flow processor, advanced DDOS protection engine, comprehensive network management module, embedded VPN capability, and allows the integration of various network appliances for easier extensibility and customization.

rad nexr generation firewall classifying the traffic passing

Identify Applications and Ports

RAD NGFW is capable of rapidly classifying the traffic passing through to determine the application identity independently which can protect your network from malicious traffic being transmitted through allowed ports. Currently RAD NGFW can identify 230+ network protocols and apply all kinds of security policies to them.

Identity-Based and User-Level Protection

Our identity-based policy technology grants user-level controls over applications, bandwidth, ports and other network resources regardless of device location, network, IP address or type of device.

graph of next generation firewall identity-based policy technology granting user-level controls and protection


anti virus icon

- Application classifier and filter.

- Stateful inspection.

- Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

router icon

- PTPP, L2TP, and IPSec VPN support.

- 802.1Q VLAN support.

- Network Zones and virtual network Interfaces.

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- Active Directory and LDAP integration (Domain user level control).

- External log forwarding (SIEM integration).

- Network address translation (NAT) and Port-forwarding.

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- Built-in reporting and monitoring tools.

- DNS server forwarder.

- DHCP server and relay.

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- Two-factor authentication.

- WebUI and CLI control.

- Commit history and configuration snapshots.

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- DDOS protection.

- Easy future extensibility.

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- Built-in reporting and monitoring tools.

- Online and offline firmware update with failover & rollback.

- LCD screen to display system information.