Training Programs

Built on solid experience, Taqnia Institute evolved into a comprehensive training center offering numerous training tracks. Our interconnected labs provide the trainees with access to contemporary technologies and tools to facilitate their learning journey. Taqnia institute has cultivated innovative content and teaching methods, delivered utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and developed by the most esteemed local and global instructors.

Vendor Certification Track

Taqnia Institute offers professional certificate track that offers a comprehensive selection of internationally renowned certificates.

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Defensive Cybersecurity

Offensive Cybersecurity


Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Incident Response

Cyber Governance,
Risk and Compliance


Customized Curriculum Track

Due to the growing learning and training demands in organizations today, Taqnia Institute focuses on the development of high quality bespoke training programs in cybersecurity.This track is characterized by the uniqueness and exclusivity of its content that is comprehensive and focuses on linking the strategies of theoretical and applied frameworks with practical reality.

SCyWF سيوف Compatible Track

This track adopts the Saudi Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (SCyWF/سيوف) issued by the National Cybersecurity Authority. The aim is to map the training outcomes to the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to fulfill cybersecurity job roles in Saudi Arabia.

The SCyWF سيوف program is divided into five domains to serve nineteen job roles segmented into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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