Taqnia Cyber has fully setup facilities with certified resources capable of providing best-in-class managed security services at competitive prices.



A Security Operations Center (SOC) is the core of an organization’s operational defense against cyber attacks. Taqnia Cyber’s managed Security Operations Center (SOC) provides a hybrid resourcing model of on-site and off-site professionals, combining 24x7x365 coverage with a SOC model that is customized around your core business needs. Using advanced monitoring technologies, Taqnia Cyber’s managed Security Operations Center (SOC) provides your business with greater threat detection capabilities than what is possible via traditional log aggregation and perimeter monitoring techniques.


The cyber security landscape is changing as cyber security is becoming more crucial to the growth of organizations as a result of living in a world of rapid digital transformation. The traditional approach to cyber security does not align properly with current business goals and provide the appropriate level of assets’ protection. To help organizations overcome these challenges, Taqnia Cyber provides a wide range of governance risk and compliance (GRC) services including advisory, design and implementation services to meet the individual needs of each customer. These services range from establishing a strategic direction for your cyber security program to providing detailed technical evaluations of IT assets. We use our high-level expertise in the field while working closely with our customers to provide best in class governance risk and compliance (GRC) services. Regardless of the maturity of your cyber security program, Taqnia Cyber can help your organization improve its ability to deal effectively with cyber security challenges.