RAD’s web application firewall filters and monitors HTTP/S traffic between the internet and web applications. It applies a set of rules on the HTTP conversation to prevent common attacks on Web Applications. It is built using the latest security modules and frameworks, developed by Taqnia Cyber in cooperation with KACST's National Center for Cyber Security Technology.RAD WAF has several high-end features, such as OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities protection, High speed packet flow processing, DDOS prevention, Bad bot detection, and allows integration with various network appliances for easier extensibility and customization.


Why you need RAD WAF?

Web applications are continually attacked for the fact that secure coding practices are not being considered during the development phase. Even with thorough testing, the fact that detecting all possible attacks is difficult. Deploying RAD WAF will greatly increase the level of your web application security. You need RAD WAF to:

• Protect your client’s data

• Keep your business running

• Maintain your business reputation

• Comply with regulations



OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities protection.

RAD WAF can identify and protect your application from the most critical web application security risks such as SQL injection, cross site scripting, local and remote file inclusion, and session fixation by using more than 100 rules. Even if you need a custom rule for your application, RAD WAF makes it easy to generate a one and deploy it for one or all applications.


Virtual patching

Bugs and security vulnerabilities in code are inevitable and the process to fix them might takes long time specially when using third-party components. Virtual patching is the process of enforcing a security policy rule which prevents the exploitation of the vulnerability without changing the code. While the code is being updated to fix the vulnerability, RAD WAF will keep your application safe


Bad Bot Blocking

RAD WAF can distinguish between good bots that help grow businesses from bad bots that harm applications and utilized resources. This will help your applications to be ready to serve you clients.

More Features

• DOS protection

• Graphical reporting

• IP reputation

• Anomaly detection

• 100+ static rules

• Custom Rules

• False Positive minimization

• Stateful intspection

• Future rules delivery

• Support SSL/TLS

• Caching

• Easy future extensibility

• Configuration snapshots

• WebUI control

• External log Forwarding (SIEM Integration)

• AES-NI enabled for fast and secure

• 2 Pairs of Gen3 LAN bypass

• Modular network interfaces support:
RJ45, SFP, and SFP+ (1, 10, 40 GbE)

• LCD screen to display system information