the next-generation Intrusion detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS) monitors the network to detect, block intruders and malware threats by looking for malicious activities, policy violation, and abnormal behavior within your network. RAD NGIPS can be easily integrated into your network. it can scale to multi-gigabit traffic. and most important feature it will have UpToDate Intel-feed about threats targeting Saudi Arabia.

Why do you need RAD NGIPS?

IPS usually located in behind the firewall, it is the second line of defense, RAD NGIPS detect intrusions base on behavior and signature while firewall is a stateful rules.


What is the need for NGIPS when I Have NGFW?

Our identity-based policy technology grants user-level controls over applications, bandwidth, ports and other network resources regardless of device location, network, IP address or type of device.

  • Deployment scenarios where blocking quality and performance are mandatory, exceeding the firewall capabilities.

  • Deployment mode requirements passive works as IDS, or inline blocking capabilities.

  • High Performance, often when enable IPS in NGFW you will experience throughput degradation/increased latency.

  • Custom Rules.
  • Network address translation NAT.

  • Stateful firewall.

  • VPN concentrator

  • Application visibility and control.

  • IPS/IDS.

Features and benefits


- Network Intrusion Detection

- Network Security Monitoring

- High Performance High availability and failover

- Network Intrusion Prevention


- Threat Intelligent-feed Localization

- Simple User Experience

- Central management & configuration portal