Awareness Programs

Cybersecurity Awareness training will immediately increase your employees' awareness levels and give them the practical skills needed to better protect your business from the dangers of data breaches, network attacks and ransomware threats.

Creating, Maintaining and Managing a Mature Awareness Culture

Awareness Objectives

Behavioral change rate

Transfer knowledge

Protect Assets

Policy Enforcement


Awareness Programs


Assessing the effectiveness of the program as well as measuring the knowledge impact by providing a pre and post assessment.

Cybersecurity Solutions

This program enables the adoption of an awareness culture by utilizing a holistic approach in implementing cybersecurity-related safety education and best practices that create a sense of empowerment. This program will familiarize you with the key elements for establishing a high-impact cybersecurity awareness culture that positively influence the organizational behavior and increase your employees' awareness levels.

Phishing Simulations

Phishing simulations are vital addition to the main awareness process. These simulations help identify the gaps and the behavioral pattern of users, and build effective awareness content to creates sustainable habits.

It’s composed of ready-made templates to test users frequently on the dangers of data breaches, malware threats and network attacks.

Awareness Program Offers

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