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Training and Awareness

We develop cyber capabilities

Training & Awareness: Acquiring technology and setting policies cannot work effectively without having the right people. Taqnia Institute is capable of training professional personnel to enable them to operate state-of-the-art systems in accordance with a mature set of policies & procedures. We offer a wide range of basic to advanced courses and workshops. We also provide comprehensive awareness programs.

Clients Trained
Courses Developed
Projects Completed
Satisfied Clients

Taqnia cyber offers a wide range of services that includes risk management and mitigation, data security, system architecture design and employee cyber trainings.

Taqnia cyber will make sure that your company will be protected and properly advised on cyber security issues, technology updates, and cyber knowledge.

We've helped our clients achieve the following:

Data Security 75%
Risk Mitigation 67%
Cyber Capability 83%
Cyber Trainings 91%