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System Operations Services

We manage your data security

Our expert personnel can operate at various system levels. This is accomplished through a competent technical team on a full-time or part-time basis. Our specialists can design, install, manage, and maintain your systems to ensure they operate properly and remain secured from both internal and external threats.

We Provide Technical Teams

Providing a technical team on full or part time basis including systems support

We Provide Cyber Specialists

Providing experts based upon request and through careful analysis of the cyber issues.

Clients Trained
Courses Developed
Projects Completed
Satisfied Clients

Taqnia cyber offers a wide range of services that includes risk management and mitigation, data security, system architecture design and employee cyber trainings.

Taqnia cyber will make sure that your company will be protected and properly advised on cyber security issues, technology updates, and cyber knowledge.

We've helped our clients achieve the following:

Data Security 75%
Risk Mitigation 67%
Cyber Capability 83%
Cyber Trainings 91%