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Tomorrow’s Cyber Solutions Today.

  • Cyber People

    Collaborative Cyber-Ready Talents

    We often equate cyber security to having the right technology, systems, networks, softwares and hardware. However, we might not realize that people are the most important element of the cyber security equation. People are the most powerful albeit more economical tool we can use to protect our data. Through our cyber security professionals, we reinforce capability to defend the system in a pro-active, dynamic and adaptive way. We must develop highly capable workers, teams, analysts and leaders that can protect us in the coming years. Leadership, personnel management, technical knowledge, communication, analysis and awareness are abilities that have to be enhanced in order to create a culture that can respond and innovate in the 21st century and beyond.

  • Cyber Policy

    Strengthening Your Infrastructure

    Setting policies is important to achieve long-term goals by minimizing conflict, controlling resources, streamlining operations and optimizing management. By creating a comprehensive cyber security policy, we lay out the rules on what needs to be done and by whom. Cyber operations requires an inter-disciplinary action of people, technology and policy. The management of these elements is critical in order to effectively respond to a sophisticated attack. By aligning our resources with strategy and goals, developing cyber-awareness, giving value to security policies, effectively protecting high value data, flexibility in developing, deploying and acquiring new technologies and providing resiliency and recovery, this integrated approach can ensure an effective cyber defense posture.

  • Cyber Technology

    Up-to-Date Cyber Technology

    Staying ahead is the best approach in defending your data if properly implemented. Although security software and hardware are important, investing in innovation and research will make your data highly secured. We will help you acquire the technologies that you need through strategic innovation, research and development, and technology integration. Multiple layers of defense is one effective measure through partnerships with top caliber cyber agencies sharing knowledge and technology. With the current increase of cyber threats, we find that awareness, rapid response, mature cyber analysis, advance remediation strategies, and layered defense operations provide your agency with the optimum security you need.


Corporate Solutions

Taqnia Cyber supports corporate enterprise by providing highly scalable and programmable cyber solutions. Our aim is to develop, integrate and deliver quality security and cyber technology products and solutions. We pride ourselves with assisting large and medium size corporations with cost effective solutions that not only support the end-to-end security of sensitive information but also the commitment to deliver solutions that add value to the business and organizations we serve.


Network Security

Network security ensures the integrity, reliability and performance of a company's network by protecting IT assets from outside threats. Taqnia Cyber can help you prevent costly work interruptions and increase your business productivity by keeping networks functioning properly. Our best practices require the proper configuration and frequent patching of such security tools in addition to the network devices they were designed to protect.


Security Management

Managing security is a complex undertaking. With the advent of growing networks, advance technologies, and interconnected devices, a new approach to managing security is needed. Security needs to be agile, efficient, and anticipate risks before they happen. By using security management procedures like information classification, risk assessment and analysis, categorizing assets, and rating system vulnerabilities, we can easily implement effective security controls when necessary.

National Talent

reduction in development costs

Government Owned

increase in quality assurance

Business Continuity

increase in development time

Ready to make your system secured?

Cyber attacks are constantly evolving making it essential for an organization’s staff to stay current and up to date. Taqnia Cyber, through Taqnia Institute offers a wide range of training programs that will help you get up to speed with your cyber security infrastructure using the latest technologies and cyber training techniques. Our offered courses are both cost-effective and schedule-friendly making it easier for companies to setup their training schedules without sacrificing productivity.

With Taqnia Cyber, you can make sure that your system is completely secured against threats from external as well as internal sources.

Our solid foundation speaks for itself



Our hiring process is based on strict adherence to cyber industry standards and requirements.



Our cyber experts through the help of our global partners will provide us a solid foundation for our security solutions.



We provide, with the help of our cyber partners, tools that can effectively mitigate cyber attacks.



We provide advanced training programs that will strengthen your security against persistent cyber attacks.

Companies That Partner With Us

We partner with top-cyber security agencies to make our clients’ data infrastructure smarter, leaner and more secure. We merge our own knowledge and experience with innovative technologies, solutions and trainings from our partners to help customers enhance and protect their data. This will greatly help customers and partners alike enjoy the huge potential of the security market in front of us.