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Managed Services

Providing Superior Monitored and Managed Security Services

Taqnia Cyber has state of the art facilities capable in providing best-in-class managed services at competitive cost. These services include:

Secure Collaboration

Developing secure environment for your data sharing and communications is one of the most important cyber security priorities.

Open-Source Secutity

Using open-source technology can greatly increase the security through minimizing the chances of built-in backdoor aside from helping reduce costs.

Encryption Systems

Encryption is your last line of defense from cyber attack but it needs constant maintenance and algorithm changes in order to be effective.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is dissassembling an object inorder to see how it works and how to duplicate it and eventually improve it.

Clients Trained
Courses Developed
Projects Completed
Satisfied Clients

Taqnia cyber offers a wide range of services that includes risk management and mitigation, data security, system architecture design and employee cyber trainings.

Taqnia cyber will make sure that your company will be protected and properly advised on cyber security issues, technology updates, and cyber knowledge.

We've helped our clients achieve the following:

Data Security 75%
Risk Mitigation 67%
Cyber Capability 83%
Cyber Trainings 91%