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Taqnia Institute Guidelines

Capability Development

Training and development are essential to capability building within organizations and staying competitive in the global world. Thus training leads organizations, groups, and individuals to improve their performance, gain development benefits, and achieve their objectives.

Taqnia Institute will shape successful training programs according to the capacity building requirements in your organization, and the analysis of the training needs. From this point, strong and detailed planning will be processed to improve performance at the individual and organizational levels, with the aim of increasing management and resource potentials.

Training Programs

Taqnia Institute provides access to a huge catalog of training courses with the cooperation of local and international IT training centers and partners.

It provides exceptionally high quality Training programs by facilitators. These programs provide tangible, measurable, visible and reliable results for both the trainee and his organization. Taqnia Institute will continuously strive to provide the most up to date training programs that utilize the latest technologies and that are taught by leading experts.

Technology Transfer and Localization

Implementing strategies to support innovation and technology development and identifies hubs for advanced IT expansion. Taqnia Institute guarantees well designed and beneficial courses for all IT systems and solutions.

Taqnia Institute currently operates a range of projects in collaboration with prime institutions in several sectors and industries, which aim to ensure the development of new technological solutions through human capital capabilities.