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Taqnia Institute Services

Taqnia Institute aims to provide distinguished training services via cooperation with international training companies in order to provide all effective applications according to the international standards. This process includes providing the most recent training labs, certified lecturers, distinguished training curriculum, besides a learning stimulating environment. All these elements work under unified standard specifications which are compatible with the concept of the comprehensive quality.

Customized Corporate Training

Since every individual’s learning needs are different, we provide you with customized corporate training courses and programs based on your training needs analysis. Pre-training meeting is arranged with your representative to identify the exact training needs and development strategies for your team. What’s more, your entire team will be skilled at the same time, in the same manner, and will hugely benefit from a focused learning experience. We have dedicated and certified instructors who supplement training through comfortable and effective lab sessions, based on the real life challenges and issues that they faced and resolved. To give the trainees a firsthand experience of real life technology world and put them in realistic decision making situations, our instructors teach through case studies, brainstorming and simulations.

Some Features are:
Individual Training

Trainee chooses studying any of the training courses or a group of courses from the course catalog regardless of his/her career or specialization. From our side, we provide him with consultation and support during the selection process, plus directing him/her to what best supports his/her needs.